2.25 Gal Race (8.5L) Tank

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USRT 2.25 Gallon Race Tank features a built in sump and fluid control baffle. Together, they ensure that the pickup will remain covered by fluid even during spririted driving. The tank volume may be depleted to approximately 1 quart  before pickup can be uncovered. Made with 1/4" thick HDPE, this product is constructed from the same material as fuel cells.

Dimensions are 13.5" x 8" x 8.5"  for convenient trunk placement. Aluminum mounting straps and hardware are included at no extra cost.

This tank features a 3" opening for easy fill up. This tank can be used for any alcohol water mixtures. It's 100% methanol compatible. Tanks design also allows for proper ventilation for the pump heat. Vented cap and mounting straps are included.

This tank does not come with drain fitting. 

We recommend our self sealing tank tap for (1/4) OR Deep Thirst Kit (for 3/8) and Level Switch.

Note: Solenoid Upgrade recommended for mounting reservoir in trunk. Protects against gravity siphoning effect.