Extended Tip Water/Meth Nozzle (10mm)

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Our 10mm extended tip nozzles poke through thick manifold runners/past piping bends to avoid wall wetting. Perfect for direct port injection, flow rate is either 2gph or 4gph (~125cc or 250cc @100psi).

USRT 10mm tip water/methanol nozzle vs. Snow

Thread on top is 1/8 NPT to match the market's most common nozzles holders. The bottom features M8 x .70 pitch and seals by o-ring. An adapter is supplied with 1/8 NPT outside diameter to fit existing holes (or to reduce extension by about 5mm).



Thread adapter usage is optional. Plastic manifold installation is made a simple exercise vs. nervous experience. Long-term reliability is assured as metal is solid.