FLOWsafe Inlet Sensor (8AN)

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SUCK IT UP with proper 8AN and then SECURELY SEND IT. Enjoy no restriction and no worries feeding your water/meth injection pump. Supplied is a failsafe flow sensor, 90deg inlet fitting, and 8AN adapter. Up to 100% methanol concentrations are safe.

Connect to 12V and ground and the Hall effect sensor output is a 12V square wave signal. Flow rate is proportional to frequency (with an accurate range of 1 -0 20 liters/minute). Supply an advanced water/meth controller or ECU with this data.

A ruptured or disconnected hose downstream of sensor results in massive flow rates. Whereas, a leak before the sensor will result in a decrease. As will any blockage in the system. Set upper and lower flow parameters in the controller and a powerful failsafe system has been established. The one missing data variable will be pressure. That's very easily done with our FAILSAFE Pressure Sensor. Combine for a professional-grade setup.

The FLOWsafe sensor is installed on the feed side of the water meth injection pump. Here we see it tightly integrated with our Low-Profile Street Tank.

USRT water methanol 8AN failsafe flow sensor

Tech notes: Inlet restriction and cavitation are eliminated via LARGE diameter flow path. Placement before the pump ensures that pulsation from fast solenoid valves does not corrupt data.