Mabotech MK7/8V MQB RACE Intercooler Stock position kit

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This Race intercooler has a massive 1,111 cubic inches core (25.25″ x 16″ x 2.75″) much larger frontal area and +60% more volume compared to the original Golf R/S3 intercooler, which is already considered an upgrade on the GTI, A3 and other models.

Key Features:

– High quality dynamic fin design true bar and plate core.

– Divided inlet for a more uniform air distribution.

– 2.75″ ID hose connections with large volume end tanks for very low flow restriction and pressure differences under high boost.

– Top tier manufacturing and material quality.

– Full 6ply black high heat silicone hoses.



Mabotech Race intercooler with high quality, top tier performance and lightweight construction achieves it’s performance by using optimized 3d models and printing design, the new dynamic fin high quality bar and plate core and cast aluminum machined end tanks give this intercooler amazing cooling and flow characteristics while making the machined hose connections strong under high pressures. Lower intake temperatures, less pressure drop than competing intercoolers specially considering our internally guided separated channels for a more uniform air distribution.

Perfect fit can be achieved with some trimming and adjustments that may be need it in certain vehicles.

Pressure tested submerged with over 100psi.