MQB Stage 3 M520H Turbo Kit

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Presenting the KING of entry level turbochargers.

  • One of the quickest spooling +500whp capable MQB turbocharger on the market.
  • Less than 2% failure rate making it one of if not the most reliable turbocharger in it’s category.
  • Excellent performance per price ratio.
  • Convenient bolt on installation.
  • No core exchange required.
  • 11+0 51mm/70mm snake curved point milled compressor wheel made of a proprietary aluminum alloy
  • 57.7mm/52mm Inconel turbine with optimized flow design and lightened shaft
  • Dual ceramic ball bearings with ultra light materials and very tight tolerances

Professional installation is required, some clocking may be required for some turbos including those with or without aftermarket add-on parts.

Fully pressurized smoke leak test is strongly recommended after installation.

Stock diverter valves have been tested with good results but, after certain boost levels upgraded diverter valve may be need it.

Adjust wastegate actuator between 3.4v and 3.5v and confirm voltage after first heat cycle.