MQB Oil Change Kit (5W40)

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This state of the art low-friction motor oil combines fully synthetic base oils and advanced additive technology. The powerful MFC (Molecular Friction Control) technology prevents the formation of deposits while simultaneously reducing frictional losses in the engine. This unique synergetic effect provides the optimum protection from wear and a flawless running engine. Improvements can be seen in reduced fuel consumption and extended service life for the engine. The advanced oil engineering is further underlined by the distinguished green florescent color.


  • Golf VW_CXBA
  • Golf R VW_CYFB
  • Golf R VW_DJJA
  • Golf VW_CXBB
  • Golf SportWagen VW_CXBA
  • Golf SportWagen VW_CXBB
  • Golf w/ Engine Code CNSB
  • Golf w/ Engine Code CNSA
  • Golf Alltrack VW_CXBB
  • Atlas Cross Sport w/ Engine Code DCGA
  • Atlas w/ Engine Code DCGA
  • Arteon w/ Engine Code DLRB