USRT Boost Trigga

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Need a simple and dependable way to activate your direct port or pre-compressor water methanol injection system? Or, perhaps you'd like to turn on a second fuel pump only under high load?

Look no further. Our adjustable boost switches can be set to activate between 10 and 60psi range. Adjustments are made via a small 1/8" Allen screw recessed in the top of the switch. Switch comes with normally open contacts making it perfect for a variety of functions.

Example: A sophisticated water/methanol setup would use a nozzle after the intercooler for air temperature control, direct port for octane boost, and also single nozzle mounted in the turbo inlet spraying directly at the compressor nut.

The post-intercooler nozzle would be set to spray at the point that intake air temperature reduction is needed. -typically at low boost. Once into heavy boost, octane is needed to protect the engine. So, the Boost Trigga is set to activate the direct port solenoid. Lastly, the pre-turbo nozzle's solenoid is activated as the turbo reaches the end of its efficiency zone. This will be found at/just after the torque peak (i.e. typically once the manifold pressure begins to drop at higher rpms). With this control arrangement, fluid consumption is minimized, tuning is easier, and a turbocharger flows air more like a larger one while still spooling quickly.

Contents Include:

  • 1 adjustable boost switch

  • 1 brass barbed fitting

  • 4 hose clamps

  • 2 .187" female electrical connectors

  • 1 barbed tee fitting

  • 2 ft of rubber hose

Features Include:

  • Adjustable from 10 - 60 psi

  • Normally open contacts

  • Switch rated at 2 amps w/o relay

Special Notes:

  • Must be used with relay for high-draw devices (e.g. pumps)

  • Best kept away from high heat (for consistent results)