Tank Tap

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Ruggedly constructed from aluminum, these tank taps feature T304 stainless steel filter elements in their bottoms to keep any major crud and such inside the tank and out of the pump or tight nozzle orifices downstream. The outlet holds 1/4" Nylon line via Push-to-Connect fitting. -casual and easy for 50/50 concentrations or milder.

USRT water/meth tank tap push connect 1/4

These taps are very simple to install from the outside of any tank. All you do is drill a 7/8 “ hole in a flat location (away from any tank seams), slide in the fitting and hand tighten. The rubber bottom expands and seal the hole in seconds. -no sealant or even skills required and the result is 100% perfect. (No internal acess is required or involved.)

For 3/8" from tank use the Deep Thirst kit

USRT tank tap cutaway